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To help you promote Good Turn Week with your friends, family and local community, we have created some handy tools for you to use before and during Good Turn Week – April 29 to May 7, 2017. You can view the below tools and read about how to use them to help promote this year’s campaign.

Social Media Tools

To help spread the word on social media, you can download Good Turn Week social media banners to use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We have also created a handy Good Turn Week social media plan template to assist with planning your tweets, posts and photos for spreading the Good Turns online. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GoodTurnWeek.

Facebook Banner

Facebook Cover Image: Good Turn Week 2017

Twitter Banner

Twitter Cover Image - Good Turn Week 2016

Instagram Photo


Social Media Plan Template

Get the Template


Keep on brand while promoting Good Turn Week by simply using the following logos on your website, flyer or other Good Turn Week collateral.


Public Relations

This Marketing and PR toolkit was designed to help you promote and profile your local Good Turn Week activities. The tools, ideas and activities in this kit are just suggestions to help you get started. Don’t be afraid to be creative and develop your own ideas as well. Remember to share your own great ideas or suggestions with us at The more we communicate with each other, the better we work together to promote and grow Scouting in Canada.

Tips for Effective Communications

Reference this guide to help you deliver your communications tactics effectively to the right audiences.

Download the Guide

What is this?

This document provides high-level messaging and facts that can be used when speaking with the public or media about Scouting and Good Turn Week. This document should not be handed out but used as a reference guide for Scouts and Scouters in your Group.

What to do next?

Review the messages so you are comfortable with them. If you have any questions, please contact your local Council office.

Good Turn Week Speaking Notes PDF DOWNLOAD

What is this?

Will you be hosting a community event or fundraiser that is open to the public? Will you have any government officials or other public personalities on hand for the event? If you answered yes to any of these, then you may consider inviting the media to attend.

The easiest way to deliver your event details is through a media advisory. A media advisory allows you to provide all the details of your event in a short and succinct fashion. This template will help you capture what you need.

What to do next?

Make a list of media in your area that you would like to invite. Send your media advisory to your local :

  • News editor and photo editor at the city and community newspaper(s)
  • News director/assignment editor at radio station(s)
  • News desk and assignment editor at TV station(s)

Visit the contact page of each outlet’s website to find the proper contact information.

Tip: Media advisories should be sent a couple days before your event, with a follow up call the next day. This is the best way to know if media plan to attend your event.

Good Turn Week Media Advisory Template WORD DOWNLOAD

What is this?

Radio stations will set time aside during the day to promote local events and fundraisers through Public Service Announcements (PSAs). This template provides you with a short, 30-second script that can be sent to local radio stations ready to read.

What to do next?

Make a list of the radio stations in your area that you would like to contact. Then call the station directly or check out the contact page on the station’s website for info on how to submit your PSA.

Tip: Most radio stations ask for PSAs to be submitted six weeks ahead of time.

Good Turn Week PSA Script WORD DOWNLOAD

What is this?

A customizable letter and statement to send to your local, provincial or federal government representative. It asks if they would deliver the statement about Scouting to their peers in their house of representation before or during the week.

This will increase the level of awareness of the Scouting community with our government officials and show them that Scouting is a very live and vibrant Movement.

What to do next?

Contact your government official’s office and ask how they you can submit the request. Each may have a slightly different process so take note of the requirements needed.

Tip: It is best to send your request in no later than four to six weeks prior to the event so that it can get on the calendar.

Good Turn Week Letter to Government Officials Template WORD DOWNLOAD